Best Practices Using Storyboard


Build better embedded GUIs with Storyboard

When building an application in Storyboard, there's a long list of considerations and choices you will face. In this Best Practices Using Storyboard Series, you will find advice on how to set your application, testing, and development processes up for success. From choosing the most optimal hardware and improving development efficiency to creating a well-designed testing process, these practical guides help ensure your GUI experience is amazing. 

best practices - vol 1

Choosing the Correct Hardware Platform

Hardware capabilities, performance, power requirements, memory types, OS implications, and platform scalability are just some considerations.

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best practices - vol 4b

Optimizing Performance for your Embedded GUI Application

Coming soon.

best practices - vol 2

Improving Development Efficiency Using a Collaborative Workflow

Storyboard’s application structure makes the process of building an embedded UI more efficient with collaborative workflows.

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best practices - vol 5b

Building an Embedded GUI Application for International Deployment

Coming soon.

best practices - vol 3b

Defining an Effective Architecture for Embedded GUI Applications

This guide is in development, including guidance on application structure, state, and event handling. Sign up here to be notified when it is published.

best practices - vol 6b

Creating a Well-Designed Testing Process for Embedded GUI Applications

Coming soon.


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