Free Academic Licenses

Students are brimming with innovative ideas.

We believe that great design ideas deserve the best design software, so we are offering free  Storyboard Suite non-commercial licenses to qualified students and teachers*




How do I Join the Academic Program? 



Send a request to






While you are waiting, download the 30-day Storyboard evaluation






Use the new license key to keep developing after the eval period





What Does the Program Include?

You'll receive a license to use Storyboard Suite for non-commercial projects and access to the Crank Software Support Forums.


Am I Eligible for an Academic License?

*If you are a current student attending a full-time program at University or College, you are likely eligible. Send us an email to find out. When you contact us, please send us proof of enrollment and tell us a bit about your program of study. Proof of eligibility can be a PDF or image clearly indicating your name and enrollment status, such as a Student ID (with the expiration date).

If you are a teacher interested in using Storyboard Suite for a course for education purposes, send us proof of employment, such as a link to the University website that shows your name.

Education licenses are for training and not for commercial purposes. 


Celebrating Academic Success in Graphical User Interface Design

Build awesome things and tell us about it! Like these students did:

Mississippi State University chooses Storyboard Suite to build an award-winning center stack for the EcoCAR 2 challenge


Tasked with the challenge to design and develop a stunning, media-rich user interface for the center stack of a Chevy Malibu for the EcoCAR 2 Competition, Mississippi State University turns to Crank Software for it's embedded user interface tools and expertise.