Crank Software & NXP Make It Easy to Build UIs for Embedded Devices with MCUXpresso SDK.


January 30, 2020

Crank Software and NXP Make it Easier to Build Exceptional UIs for Embedded Devices with Latest MCUXpresso SDK Release


OTTAWA, January 30, 2020 - Delivering on the promise to make the development of embedded graphical user interfaces (GUI) easier for customers, Crank Software, an innovator in embedded GUI design and development software (Storyboard), has collaborated with NXP® Semiconductors to offer quick convenient access to reference example applications, such as Crank Storyboard, via their latest release of the MCUXpresso software development kit (SDK).

The NXP MCUXpresso SDK is a comprehensive software enablement package designed to simplify and accelerate application development with NXP’s microcontrollers based on Arm® Cortex®-M cores. The MCUXpresso SDK brings together open-source drivers, middleware, and reference example applications into a customizable application to help speed the processor board evaluation and software development process.


“Our mission with Storyboard was to make the world of embedded graphics easier,” said Brian Edmond, President of Crank Software. “When NXP approached us about what they were looking to offer their customers, we were confident that Storyboard would be a great addition to their SDK, helping make the process of evaluating their microcontroller products easier for the customer.”


“We are happy to include Crank Software within our MCUXpresso SDK,” said Joe Yu, vice president and general manager of low-power MPU and MCUs at NXP. “The expectation for today’s embedded devices has been elevated, with the UI playing an important role. Now our customers have a streamlined approach for evaluating the graphical performance of our crossover MCUs using the included high-quality sample images that were built with Crank’s Storyboard software.”

Storyboard is an industry-leading embedded UI design and development software that was built to help accelerate the creation of exceptional UIs for today’s embedded products. With Storyboard's unique parallel workflow, designers can be focused on perfecting the UI, while developers concentrate on achieving the best hardware performance for the design - all without compromising the other team's progress. By decoupling the front-end UI design from the back-end logic, Storyboard makes it easier for project teams to get started earlier on development, while reducing the complexities of developing UIs for embedded devices, such as the handling of iterations in design that naturally occur in all projects.

“We are very excited to be working with an industry leader like NXP. Together we’re able to provide the resources necessary for embedded development teams to rise to the challenge of creating experiences that exceed customer expectations,” said Jason Clarke, Crank Software VP of Sales and Marketing.


“Today’s customers expect an intuitive touch screen experience; however, delays in development can often compound to a point where the UX gets compromised in their rush to get to market on time. By providing easy access to UI development resources directly within MCUXpresso, we’re able to help NXP customers get a faster sense of the UI potential of their device and ultimately accelerate the creation of embedded UI applications for their customers.”


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Crank Software is a Canadian based innovator in embedded graphics solutions that help accelerate the design and development of the modern UI experience for tomorrow's embedded devices. Supported by a global distributor network, Crank is driving innovation and speed to market for brands wanting to deliver unmatched performance and delightful customer experiences. With close to two decades of domain expertise in embedded graphics applications development, brands like Coca-Cola, John Deere and GE Appliances, rely on Crank for bridging the gap between vision and exceptional user experiences. To learn more, visit

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