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    Crank exists because of our founder's recognition of a UI design and development problem that they made their mission to solve. They lived and breathed the pain of designing and creating UIs in embedded teams at QNX and knew there was a better way. Today, we are the secret sauce that helps our customers build and deliver the best customer experience possible when it comes to embedded GUI touch screen design and development. Want to see who's behind the wheel at Crank? Meet the founders of Crank Software! 


    Brian Edmond


    Brian has over 20 years of embedded software experience focused in the area of embedded graphics. Holding a clear understanding of the gap that existed between graphic designers and embedded systems engineers, and with a clear vision of how to bridge that gap, Brian co-founded Crank Software in 2007.

    Brian has a strong analytical ability to quickly synthesize customer requirements. He has been key in helping many consumer electronics and automotive customers deliver high-end UIs for their products.

    Prior to Crank Software, Brian was the Leader of the Graphics Development Group at QNX Software Systems. He helped with architecture, contributed to the embedded windowing system, and co-architected QNX's Advanced Graphics Technologies.

    Brian holds an Electrical Engineering degree from the Technical University of Nova Scotia.


    Thomas Fletcher


    Thomas has worked in the field of real-time and embedded software development for more than 20 years and is a frequent presenter at industry conferences. He is a technical subject matter expert and thought leader on Embedded System Architecture and Design, Real-time Performance Analysis, Power Management, and High Availability.

    Prior to Crank Software, Thomas directed QNX Software Systems' Tools Development Team. He was the Lead Architect for Multimedia, Team Leader of Core OS and regularly engaged with sales and marketing as a result of his ability to bridge technology and customer needs.

    Thomas is an active participant within the Eclipse Community. He was a committer with the C/C++ Development Tools (CDT) project and represented QNX on the Eclipse Architecture and the Multicore Association review boards.

    Thomas holds a Master of Computer Engineering from Carleton University focusing on instrumentation and performance analysis of embedded systems, and a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from the University of Victoria.


    Jason Clarke

    Founder, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

    Jason has over 20 years of experience in the embedded field working in all areas from development to sales to marketing. A seasoned speaker, Jason lectures and delivers keynotes at industry forums around the globe.

    Prior to Crank Software, Jason was a Senior Field Application Engineer at QNX Software Systems. In his position, Jason provided onsite consulting services, including system debugging and design review, to original equipment manufacturers (OEM) developing consumer electronics, automotive infotainment devices, industrial devices, medical instruments, and networking/telecommunications infrastructure.

    Jason is a graduate of the Computer and Engineering Technology program at St. Lawrence College.

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