What's New in Storyboard Suite 4.2?


Elevate your embedded GUI development to a new level with Storyboard Suite 4.2. Innovative features and enhancements put the right tools in the right hands to drive sophistication in user experience. An intuitive workflow and easy-to-use functionality provides teams with the capabilities to quickly and confidently bring design vision to life.




Easily Integrate and Manipulate 3D Models

Support for FBX 3D models allows 3D artists to work in tools they are already familiar with, and then seamlessly integrate and manipulate their models in Storyboard Suite


Quickly Create, Edit, and Review Animations

Capture keyframes to add greater detail to animations and preview all animation updates directly in Storyboard Designer to avoid disrupting the design workflow


Increase Efficiency with Design Templates

Create templates containing a wide-variety of UI controls or groups to share content across projects and teams to reduce design time and increase consistency


Create Fully Scalable Nine-Patch Images

Design and refine high-fidelity and scalable nine-patch images in Storyboard Designer that look stunning across platforms and screen sizes to reduce the UI footprint



These and other exciting new features, such as simplified data access, integrated search, and multi-selection property editing, are available in Storyboard Suite 4.2 to make embedded GUI design and development easier. Check out our recent webinar, now available on-demand, to see demos of Storyboard Suite 4.2 features. 




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