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Storyboard Integration

Storyboard Browser is a Webkit-based extension for Storyboard Suite that enables HTML5 content to be rendered directly within a Storyboard application. Read More >>

Looking to integrate WebKit into you next project?

WebKit is an open source application framework that provides a foundation upon which to build a web browser. WebKit has been ported to a number of different platforms and is now used as the rendering engine within a number of different pieces of software for Apple, Nokia, Google, Blackberry, and others.

Crank Software and WebKit

Crank Software has been working closely with the WebKit source base through our port of WebKit to QNX6 Advanced Graphics Framework. Along with our integration of WebKit into our own Crank Storyboard Embedded Engine, Crank Software has obtained a wealth of knowledge and experience with this source base.

Since our initial port of WebKit, Cank Software has ported or assisted with feature enhancements of WebKit for multiple Teir 1 companies on many different targets including :

  • QNX6
  • Linux
  • Win XPe
  • WinCE
  • LynxOS
  • Peg
  • SDL
  • X86
  • ARM and SH


Some of the many customers that have used Crank Software WebKit services.

WebKit Support and Services

Many companies would like to integrate WebKit into their next project; however, the challenge associated with maintaining and integrating a large source base not developed internally may involve too much risk. To assist you in lowering your risk and help you get to market faster, Crank Software is available for custom support plans and development services for WebKit. Some of services include:

  • WebKit ports to new embedded systems or operating systems
  • Integration of WebKit into custom products or devices
  • Development of custom features and enhancements
  • Optimization and performance assistance
  • Support plan to provide custom fixes and patches throughout development or for infield systems.

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