• UI Development Tool and Engine

    Crank Software Inc. is an innovator in embedded graphical user interface
    (GUI) solutions. Crank Software’s products and services enable R&D teams
    and UI Designers to quickly and collaboratively develop rich animated user
    interfaces for resource-constrained embedded devices.

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  • UI Design and Development

    Storyboard Suite allows design and development to
    progress collaboratively, but independently
    from concept to implementation.

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  • Develop Once. Run Everywhere.

    Storyboard Suite speeds the development process, bringing
    design and code together with the ability to
    create protoypes in just minutes.

    No sacrifices, just results.

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  • Prototype, Mobile, Embedded

    One tool for quickly designing functional
    prototypes and developing applications
    for mobile and embedded devices.

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Case Study:
Auto Meter


“...we were able to get up and running within a few days, have fully functional prototype units available within a few months, and have a product ready to launch in record time.” 

–Rocko McCombs, Auto Meter Products

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