Unlock the potential of your embedded GUI application development

with Storyboard 8.1


Join us to learn about the exciting enhancements introduced in Storyboard 8.1, that will make developing exceptional user experiences even easier. 


We recognize that the graphical user interface (GUI) serves as the key to unlocking extraordinary experiences with your product. However, the painstaking process of recreating every minute detail of the UI/UX designer's vision manually can be incredibly time-consuming.

At Crank, we understand the importance of streamlining this process and saving valuable time and resources for development teams. That's why we have taken Storyboard to the next level by introducing new features and functionalities that make it even easier to make the designer's vision a reality. Join us to discover how Storyboard 8.1 can unlock the full potential of your embedded GUI development.

During this webinar, you will:

  • Discover how Storyboard 8.1 takes your GUI development to new heights with expanded support for Figma
  • Learn how to enhance Validator with test points from within Lua and capture-playback recording of your UI with IO Connector
  • Explore other product enhancements that boost performance and elevate your embedded GUI development.



Your storyboard experts

Evan Beisheim, Storyboard Lead Product Developer

Mike Marchand , Lead Storyboard Architect

Scott Snider, Product Marketing Manager

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