NXP's Experience the Empowered Edge Series:

Conquering the Embedded GUI Development Obstacles

The biggest challenge in embedded GUI development is managing changes in design (iterations) that nearly all projects encounter.


Historically, changes at the design level resulted in teams needing to hunt for and replace all changed assets manually within the project. This would result in development delays, changes being missed, coded behavior being lost, and ultimately, poor UX.

Join NXP and Crank Software to learn how customers from all types of vertical markets have leveraged Storyboard’s Rapid Design Import and Iteration Technology to streamline design changes and develop embedded GUI applications that provide outstanding user experiences while getting to market on a tight deadline.

During it we discussed how:

  • To embrace product iteration at any point in the development cycle
  • Storyboard can help speed up development when working with designers
  • Easy it is to develop, test, validate and deploy to a device via a live demo of a Storyboard application


Shelby Unger, MCU Ecosystem Product Marketer, NXP Semiconductors
Garry Clarkson, Field Application Engineer, Crank Software


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Code along on your NXP evaluation board and downloadable trial of Storyboard.