Putting your UI in motion.

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Video time: 54m

In this webinar we discuss the benefits of using animations in UI design, and demonstrate animation features in Storyboard.
Animations, when used responsibly and with user experience in mind, add more than just visual appeal and “cool” effects to graphical user interfaces. There are functional benefits to integrating subtle and thoughtful animations in the UI that improve usability and make navigation more intuitive.

To deliver a polished experience, designers need tools that allow them to easily create, view, and refine animations. They also need to be able to quickly respond to design changes and create GUIs for a variety of screens, so animations have to be easy to iterate and scale.

Join us in the webinar to:

  • understand the benefits of animations to user experience
  • learn more about best practices in adding animations to UI design
  • see how to create, refine, tune, and iterate animations in Crank Storyboard

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