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Video time: 57m

Join Crank Software President, Brian Edmond and NXP Senior Global Product Marketing Manager, Allen Lv, as they showcase how to create stunning graphical user interfaces for the i.MX RT1050 crossover processor.

Embedded application development often comes with compromises. High performance can mean increased cost and resources. Lower power can impact usability and result in less-than-modern aesthetics. Is it possible to have it all?

Crank Software’s Storyboard and NXP’s new i.MX RT crossover processor series are challenging the status quo of traditional embedded UI development methodologies and platforms with solutions that are scalable and fast while remaining low-power and affordable. All of this can be possible without compromising on a beautiful and modern UI design aesthetic.

Join this webinar to learn how easy and intuitive it is to develop a stunning UI that will delight end users.

In this webinar you will:

  • learn what sets the i.MX RT1050 apart from other processors
  • see how Storyboard differs from traditional UI methodologies and supports product iteration and scalability
  • experience the workflow in action via a live demo that takes you from design in Storyboard to deployment on an i.MX RT1050

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