A look at Storyboard 5.0.

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Video time: 1h 15m

Join Crank Software's Vice President of R&D, Thomas Fletcher, as he provides an early look at features and capabilities from our upcoming Storyboard 5.0 release.

Storyboard 5.0 puts design control in the hands of UI designers to ensure they have the tools that they need to build beautiful user experiences intuitively and efficiently and continues to provide Engineers with a rich and collaborative development environment.
Attend the webinar to learn about:

  • new reusable components that make it easy to share design elements and cut down on redundant and duplicated design work
  • animation enhancements such as tweening and easing and the ability to start, stop, pause, and resume animations without code
  • new design canvas that facilitates drawing for charting and graphing
  • fast deployment to targets directly from Storyboard via SCP export without the need to manually run scripts and commands on the hardware
  • new application executable that makes it easy to share Storyboard applications for quick testing and improves the feedback loop for design iteration
  • pre-compilation of Lua code that streamlines and optimizes the development process

Join this webinar to be the first to see these and other exciting features and enhancements coming soon in Storyboard 5.0.

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