Preparing Your Storyboard Built Project for Linux Environment Deployments


Preparaing Your Crank Storyboard UI for Linux Deployment Advanced User Training



Video time: 50m

During this advanced session, we will cover the important variables that need to be addressed to build and run within a Linux environment, including determining which Storyboard Runtime Engine is best for different Linux environments, what variables need to be addressed in different Linux environments (with/without Wayland), and time-saving steps for exporting the application to the embedded system. 

This 50-minute session is geared towards advanced Storyboard users looking to take their knowledge of Storyboard to the next level.

This webinar will cover:

  • How to export a Storyboard application for your system
  • Selecting and deploying the right Storyboard Runtime Engine
  • Setting up your environment to run Storyboard
  • How to hook up your input devices for user input
  • Exploring our demo image and how you can autoboot your application
tabletop setup with laptop, embedded board and notebook

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