Using Polygons to Extend Shape Drawing Capacity of Storyboard GUI Applications

The use of graphics with rounded edges, such as circles, within GUI applications, tend to make the user interface (UI) more appealing. 


Not only are they more pleasing to the eyes, but they make it easier to process the information they contain than their hard-edged counterparts. However, sometimes the UI design calls for a rounded shape that is more dynamic or complex in shape than the standard circle can offer. This is where polygons become a powerful alternative in UI application design.

During this advanced Storyboard user training session, we discuss when GUI applications can benefit from the use of polygons, different ways to create polygons within Storyboard, and the process of having polygons dynamically updated for information rendering.

In this webinar we cover:

  • The benefits that polygons provide over other standard shapes often used within UI designs
  • How to create a polygon manually and to generate one programmatically
  • Processes for dynamically updating polygons to render content in real-time
  • Extra features and capabilities that polygons offer 


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