Efficient GUI Development for Medical Device UI Applications

Developing medical devices can be a challenging experience.

Not only do you need to innovate quickly, assure patient safety, and ensure exceptional user experience (UX) design, but you need to do so all while reducing the cost of and length of time for development.

However, nothing can throw a project off schedule and budget more quickly than overlooking a design requirement or discovering an ill-conceived feature late in the development cycle. Not only can this tarnish reputations but can cost companies millions of dollars with product recalls.

So, what can YOU DO to overcome medical app UI development pitfalls while still realizing faster time to market?

Watch as we walk you through how the right GUI development toolkit can make it easy to develop, iterate, and validate GUI applications quicker, resulting in reliable UI performance that does not compromise the budget or development timelines.

What you will learn about:

  • The value of separating the UI from the backend when it comes to development and safety

  • How easy it can be to iterate for emerging product needs or modify for last-minute UX discoveries

  • Validating GUI applications for reliable performance without compromise


 1H 08 MIN

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