How performance analysis assists with developing extraordinary user experiences on the STM32MP1

Whether it's to minimize computational power, improve the device's output or keep the GUI from freezing or crashing, debugging embedded software can be a challenging and time-consuming step in the process of developing embedded devices.


With a multitude of combinations of inputs, outputs, and timings in a Linux-based system this is where leveraging intuitive trace analysis tools can help save on time and headaches.

Join STMicroelectronics, Percepio, and Crank Software to learn how to ensure that your GUI performs as expected on the STM32MP1, raising the user experience bar for your embedded product.

In this session, we demonstrate how Crank Software’s GUI development tool, Storyboard, along with Percepio’s Tracealyzer can provide a rich set of high-level overviews for top-down exploratory analysis, including process interactions, parent/child process dependencies, state machines, CPU usage, and more.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Leverage Storyboard’s embedded tools to optimize your GUI application
  • Use Percepio Tracealyzer for analysis of Storyboard GUI applications
  • Benefit from visual trace diagnostics for system-level performance analysis

Your panel of experts

Kristoffer Martinsson - Field Application Engineer, Percepio

Mike Hartmann - Product Marketing, STMicroelectronics

Garry Clarkson - Field Application Engineer, Crank Software

Scott Snider, Product Marketing Manager

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