How to design for optimal UX on embedded HMI systems.

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Join UX experts from Fresh Consulting and Crank Software for the latest in UX best practices to consider for your next embedded systems project. See them implemented live, and the common UI design implementation pitfalls to avoid in Storyboard.

Video time: 59m

In this webinar you will:
  • How to get a scientific understanding of what users want and will drive their behavior
  • Blending functionality and emotion to make your application stand above the competition.
  • The dos and don'ts to consider in 2020 for UX design on embedded systems
  • How to facilitate smoother, more successful design handoff to development
  • Case study highlights from successful embedded application projects
  • How to translate these best practices into your embedded UI application in Storyboard (live demo)

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See Storyboard built UIs live on STM32 hardware

Download our free sample demo apps for your target device.