Creating flexible embedded GUI experiences with Storyboard animation controls

Join Mike Marchand, Storyboard Software Developer, as he discusses how Storyboard can provide you with control over animations, like being able to start at a certain % point, to address the unique end-user scenarios your product may encounter.


Sometimes the design of the embedded GUI (or back-end event) calls for playback of animations to dynamically change. This is where the ability to control where the animation starts (or stops) from is essential.

During this advanced Storyboard user training session, we discussed how to build animations using Storyboard’s integrated animation timeline tool, dive into the new Storyboard 7.0 enhancements for animations controls, and discuss how it can be done in Lua.

What you will learn about:

  • Using the animation timeline tool
  • The new Storyboard 7.0 enhancements made to the animation timeline tool
  • How to link animations to a seeking scrollbar
  • How animations can be triggered to play in reverse

Your panel of experts

Mike Marchand, Software Developer, Crank Software
Scott Snider, Product Marketing Manager


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