Accelerating Embedded GUI Development with Imported Sketch Design Files

Countless hours are spent perfecting the design of the embedded GUI within design tools, so then having to recreate it through coding seems redundant.


With Storyboard, there’s no need to double your embedded GUI development workload. Simply import your design files from Sketch, and then start refining the events and animations.

During this advanced Storyboard user training session, we cover what you need to know to work with Sketch files, how you can update the embedded UI design within Sketch and re-import the files into Storyboard, and provide you with an advanced sneak peek at the enhancements being made with our Sketch support within Storyboard 7.0.

In this webinar we cover:

  • What you need to do to set up Sketch for working with Storyboard
  • How to import Sketch files into Storyboard
  • Updating the UI design using Storyboard’s Compare and Merge feature
  • What enhancements are being introduced to our Sketch integration within Storyboard 7.0


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