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    Storyboard 6.1

    Learn about Storyboard features and functionality. All product documentation is available online as HTML, PDF, and as Eclipse help in Storyboard.

    Storyboard 6.1 Documentation Table of Contents

    Where to Begin Creating A Storyboard Project

    Storyboard 6.1 Release Notes

    Storyboard Licensing Information


    Quick Links

    The following are quick links to popular topics in our documentation:

    What is Storyboard? - Storyboard Overview

    Storyboard Architecture - Understanding fundamental Storyboard concepts

    Storyboard Designer - All about Storyboard Designer, the design environment for Storyboard applications

    Working with Multiple Application Design Files - Working on an application project with other teammates

    Storyboard Engine - Exporting and Running on your Embedded Target

    Event Definitions - All about the supported standard and plugin (optional) events in Storyboard

    Action Definitions - There are many built-in and plugin actions.  This section explains how to use them

    Render Extension Definitions - Learn about the supported render extensions, including common, fill, polygon, rectangle, image, text, eternal, and 3D model

    The Storyboard Lua API (Lua API) gives developers access to the Engine through a Lua scripting interface. Learn more about:

    Storyboard IO - Learn about Storyboard IO, a platform-independent API that provides communication between the application and the embedded system

    Optimizing Your Storyboard Application - How to make your application look great while being as efficient as possible


    Previous Versions 

    Crank Storyboard v6.0 Online Documentation

    Crank Storyboard v5.3.0 Online Documentation 

    Crank Storyboard v5.2.0 Online Documentation 

    Crank Storyboard v5.1.0 Online Documentation 

    Crank Storyboard v5.0.0 Online Documentation



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