Crank Storyboard Suite Product Overview

Get a high-level overview of Crank Storyboard.

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Crank Storyboard Suite Technical Datasheet

This datasheet dives into the technical details and features of Storyboard Suite.


Integrating Graphic Designers into the Embedded Design Cycle

 This whitepaper explores some of the technical issues that graphic designers and system engineers face in the development of embedded interfaces, and how to mitigate these issues during the graphic design process.

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Collaboration in user interface development: New roles and better visualization

UI design is quickly becoming a key differentiator among products across the entire embedded space. This article discusses how teams of designers and engineers can work collarboratively and efficiently to build better UIs.

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Time for a new UI programming paradigm

Typical development processes and traditional UI design can be inefficient, impede colloboration, and end in throwaway prototypes. This article discusses a new process for designing, prototyping, and developing embedded UI products.


Importing a Photoshop file into Storyboard

This handy guide helps you prepare your Photoshop files for import into Storyboard.

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Quick Start

Illustrator to Storyboard

This guide offers some tips and tricks for designing an application in Adobe Illustrator for use in Storyboard Designer.

Exporting Storyboard application to Android

Learn how to quickly export your Storyboard application to Android. 

Connecting to Crank Software's Public SVN Repository

This documentation explains how to Install Subclipse and connect to Crank Software’s public repository.

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An Introduction to Tables in Storyboard

Tables are a special form of control in Storyboard. While most controls are individual, tables are more like containers that organize several controls inside them. They can, however, be tricky at times. This basic tutorial will run you through the basics of creating a table control in Storyboard.

Integrating ADB with Storyboard Designer

This tutorial will walk you through integrating ADB into Storyboard Designer, allowing you to stay in one tool to avoid flipping between environments to develop and test your Storyboard application for Android.

Setting up Gestures

Learn how to quickly set up gestures in Storyboard Suite.


Parker Electronic Controls

Parker Electronic Controls delivers scalable, customizable, high-performance graphical displays with Storyboard Suite.

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Customer Success

Storyboard in the QNX Concept Car

Crank Storyboard Suite provided the UI technology powering the beautiful center 17-inch curved 1080p display for the QNX Bentley Concept Car.

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Customer Story - Auto Meter

Auto Meter uses Storyboard™ Suite to plan, prototype, and perfect a customizable, multi-function LCD gauge display.

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Customer Story - Anthem

Anthem turns to Crank Software for expertise in embedded graphical user interface development solutions.

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Storyboard in the MSU EcoCAR 2

Mississippi State University uses Crank Storyboard Suite to design an award-winning infotainment system in the EcoCAR 2 competition.

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