Part III. Release Notes

Table of Contents

14. Release Notes 2.0
Storyboard Designer
Major Changes
3D Modeling
Android Exporting
Consolidating Images
Custom Render Extension / Action Definitions
Minor Changes
Multicontrol / Table Templates
Action Dialogue
Application Model View
Font Editing
Known Issues
Runtime Updates
Storyboard Engine
Major Changes
Known Issues
15. Release Notes 1.3
Storyboard Designer
Major Changes
Properties View
Drag and Drop in the Application View
Pop-up Preview
Resource Clean up
Minor Changes
PSD Import
Layer Asset Manager
Storyboard Engine
Major Changes
OpenGL ES 2.0
Runtime Updater
Windows Compact 7
Performance Information
Known Issues
16. Release Notes 1.2
Storyboard Designer
Major Changes
Mac OS X Support
Collaboration Support with graphical model compare
UI Design Report
Minor Changes
Notes section now available for all model elements
More flexibility with variable selection
Support for offscreen controls
Win32 runtime is now located with all other runtimes
PSD import improvements
New control alignment options
Added recently used sort policy and readable names to action wizard
Strings with comma's or equal signs no longer need to be in a variable
Known Issues
Storyboard Engine
Major Changes
OpenGL ES 1.1
Animation Manager
Internationalization / Unicode Support
Minor Changes
Rotation support for negative numbers
Z co-ordinate for touch events
Keys events under windows all in upper case
gre.send_event_data() supports all data formats
gre.quit available on WinCE
WinCE and QNX memory optimization
Support for GIF images
Known Issues
17. Release Notes 1.1
Storyboard Designer
Major Changes
Linux Host Storyboard Designer
Storyboard Project Merge
Lua Editor Improvements
Lua Debugger (Beta)
Minor Changes
Hot key support
Automatic addition of timer and animation complete events
Action and Variable view sorting and filtering
Animation wizard
Polygon Render Extension
Known Issues
Storyboard Engine
Major Changes
WinCE 6.0 Support for ARMLE
Linux DirectFB Support
Linux OpenVG Support (Beagleboard)
SH4 Support for Linux and QNX6
PPC Support for QNX6
Polygon Render Extension
Minor Changes / dll
Version information
Deployment Bundle (*.gapp) changes
Lua function to calculate string width
Lua function to globally set layer attributes
Lua events
Access control width and height
Move control Z-order
Arbitrary rotation
Screen manager option for available hardware layers
Software cursor support
Layer can now contain variable
Alpha blending for fbdev
Motion events moved to higher verbosity level
Storyboard IO support for Win32
Storyboard IO Channel name option
Load scaled images
Known Issues
Minor Changes
License Information