Chapter 16. Release Notes 1.2

Table of Contents

Storyboard Designer
Major Changes
Mac OS X Support
Collaboration Support with graphical model compare
UI Design Report
Minor Changes
Notes section now available for all model elements
More flexibility with variable selection
Support for offscreen controls
Win32 runtime is now located with all other runtimes
PSD import improvements
New control alignment options
Added recently used sort policy and readable names to action wizard
Strings with comma's or equal signs no longer need to be in a variable
Known Issues
Storyboard Engine
Major Changes
OpenGL ES 1.1
Animation Manager
Internationalization / Unicode Support
Minor Changes
Rotation support for negative numbers
Z co-ordinate for touch events
Keys events under windows all in upper case
gre.send_event_data() supports all data formats
gre.quit available on WinCE
WinCE and QNX memory optimization
Support for GIF images
Known Issues


Storyboard 1.2 has once again taken a large step forward in providing embedded device manufactures with a complete UI solution. With this release we have increased our support for enabling multiple team members to work together in a familiar environment while building a rich user interface and getting to market faster.