Storyboard Engine

Storyboard Engine continues to move forward with the goal of providing our customers with a broad list of supported targets.

Major Changes

OpenGL ES 2.0

With the addition of OpenGL ES 2.0 support customers will be able to take advantage of accelerated graphics without having to write OpenGL specific code. Along with the performance gain that OpenGL ES 2.0 will bring, users will also be introduced to a new world of cool functionality such as 3D screen transitions.

Runtime Updater

We now have the ability to update our runtimes independently from Storyboard Designer. This will enable us to provide our customers with the latest and greatest runtime fixes/enhancements without having to wait for a Storyboard Designer update.

Windows Compact 7

Storyboard now supports Windows Compact 7.

Performance Information

Passing the -ologger option to Storyboard enables events and their data payload to be displayed as they are received.

Known Issues

  • UTF8 support only handles 3 bytes right now. We have an overflow on a uint16 when trying to process 4 byte UTF-8 chars and convert to UCS2.

  • OpenGL ES 2.0 Polygons/lines/rects don’t support anti-aliasing

  • More of a friendly reminder then a known issue -- For OpenGL ES 2.0 to work the target must have the Imagination PowerVR hardware and SDK present.