Chapter 12. Creating a 3D Model Application

This quick tutorial will show how to use the new 3D Model render extension with a new project

Select File > New > Storyboard Application.

Select Project name and click Finish.

Once the empty project loads add a control with a 3D Model render extension to the screen. Nothing will show up in the render extension since a model file hasn’t been selected.

Copy an OBJ file into the project. The models for this tutorial were placed in the models folder.

Go to the 3D Model’s properties pane and either enter the location of the model or push the adjacent button to browse the project for any OBJ files.

Once the model loads it might not be immediately visible. Right click on the control and select Resize > Reset 3D Model. This is set some of the camera coordinates to make the model visible.

Further manipulation of the model’s properties may be needed in order to place the model in the desired position. The following are the definitions of each of the model’s properties:

After setting the desired properties the model will automatically reposition itself.