Chapter 10. Storyboard Software Updates

Table of Contents

Automatic Updates

Automatic Updates

Storyboard Suite updates for both Designer and the Engine are provided through an software update installer within Storyboard Designer.

When Storyboard Designer starts it will automatically check for updates and then will probe every 4 hours while running. Users can also force a check for updates from within Storyboard Designer by selecing Help > Check for Updates in the main menu of Storyboard Designer.

If an update exists you will be notified to apply it and a wizard will guide you through download and installation process. If both a Storyboard Designer and a Storyboard Runtime update is found the installer will apply both updates in the same session.

Updates to Storyboard Designer will require a restart of your Designer application before they take affect.

Updates to Storyboard Engine will launch a secondary installer that will prompt you to install the new Storyboard Engine runtimes into a default installation directory. You can install these runtimes anywhere on your filesystem however the default is a labelled directory in the Storyboard Engine directory of your Storyboard Suite installation.