Chapter 2. Storyboard Designer

Table of Contents

Designer Environment
Storyboard Designer Workbench
Anatomy of a Storyboard Designer Project
Storyboard Simulator
Storyboard Designer Editor
Editing Content
Editor Toolbar
Storyboard Designer Views
Actions View
Application Model View
Animations View
Font Styles View
Images View
Layers View
Navigator View
Outline View
Problems View
Properties View
Templates View
Variables View
Variable Creation
Creating a Storyboard Designer Project
New Storyboard Application
Photoshop PSD File Import
Storyboard Embedded Engine Import
Existing Project Import
Storyboard Designer Development
Simulating and Exporting an Application
Simulating an Application
Exporting to a Storyboard Embedded Engine
Exporting as a Native Android Application
Working With Templates
User Defined Actions
User Defined Render Extensions
Storyboard Designer Utilities
Design Notes
GoTo Dialog
Storyboard Search Dialog
Resize Storyboard Application
Resource Clean Up Wizard
Consolidate Images Wizard
Collaboration and Team Development
Revision Control System Integration
Comparing and Merging Model Files
Comparing and Merging Projects


Storyboard Designer is a design and development environment for creating full-screen applications ready to be deployed to embedded environments using the Storyboard Embedded Engine.

Storyboard applications are designed to be full-screen user interfaces that are designed by graphic artists and designers.   Storyboard Designer incorporates graphic content directly into the application design process.

Storyboard Designer allows graphic designers to import their artwork and design files as images directly into the development tool rather than trying to skin desktop style pre-configured widgets.  The imported images (gif, jpeg, png and psd formats are all supported) are used as control surfaces that application developers can bind action behaviour to based on externally generated input events.